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In melody practice mode after a certain number of errors have accrued. CHG: Changed "Avg Speed" stat shown in melody practice to "Actual Speed". Interesting because the song stops and waits for you.

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Times the song was stopped waiting for user input. CHG: Default note labels are finger hint numbers. Between playing demo / non-demo songs, even without a Learning Pack key. CHG: Searching in the song library is better. And you can start a word with a dash to exclude songs with that word. CHG: The "concurrent chords" option is now enabled by default.

Makes more sense to be on than off. In order to clean up the wording a little. CHG: Got rid of the weird "sometimes on top" window behavior in Windows. The window will always behave like any other window. CHG: Increased the 50ms extra loop rollback (from 0.

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CHG: Online recital rows in scores. Them apart from rhythm practice scores. Of a loop should no longer "catch" in melody practice. FIX: Accidentals in the sheet display will now be assigned per-octave. FIX: Don't show loops from practice in falling note area during recital. FIX: Crash message is now appended to the end of the log when errors occur. The "Regular" version in Windows. In "Zoom to my keyboard" mode after an octave shift (via Z or X). FIX: Dates are now shown in your local time zone instead of GMT on Windows.

FIX: MIDI files containing no notes cause lots of problems. Marching" and "Mexican Hat Dance".

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"Toccata and Fugue in D minor" and "Sonatina Piccolina". DamienBlack from the forums for the fixes!

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FIX: The on-screen "praise" text for a note (Good, Great, Barely, etc. Command-line, dragged in, or started via right-click desktop shortcuts. After things like program change messages at the beginning of a song. FIX: Don't count MIDI channel 16 as a percussion channel. FIX: Ironed out some of the selection quirkiness in the song library. Marching" and "Evening Falls". Thanks go to GoPlus from the forums! FIX: The F10 key no longer inadvertently prevents drawing in Windows.

Time signatures when running at double-speed. Off the keyboard on the low side.

FIX: Window is now centered correctly in DirectX mode running windowed. Create from the title screen. Names are shown on scoreboards.

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Fast-forward or rewind, either). Been moved to the play screen and can now be changed during the song. NEW: Buttons to look at scoreboards before playing. "Highest score for this configuration" on the track settings screen. NEW: If no tracks set to "Played by You", continue button skips right to play. NEW: The program window can now be minimized when running in windowed mode. NEW: Advanced config option (Gameplay.

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Counter and praise text that shows on top of the falling notes. CHG: Mode renames: practice is melody practice. CHG: Play screen toolbar buttons are now more compact. CHG: Made track setting screen tooltips a little less verbose. Song position instead of the position + extra practice time. FIX: Removed a few lingering "You Play" references in favor of "Played by You".

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With the same note at the same time. Avoid skipping notes starting right at the loop boundary. Or distorted labels on one or both. FIX: DirectX viewport was off by one pixel. FIX: A few rare zoom/track setting combos would make the keyboard disappear.

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NEW: In-game clock shows system time (just under the quit button). NEW: Mac version of SynthesiaConfig tool. Full-screen, and changing manual settings. Windowed mode will come later. MIDI file the notes came from. Tracks or make other MIDI changes. Continue to show up on the same scoreboard it always has. Change has caused a FULL SCOREBOARD WIPE from previous versions! NEW: Added missed note count to the bottom of the screen stats in rhythm mode.

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Instead of a list with scrollbar. Greater size now without slowing down. CHG: Setup Tracks screen is now laid out differently and has more options. CHG: Rhythm scoring changes in "held points" and timing accuracy. CHG: Practice scoring no longer takes into account speed at all. CHG: Included music has now been quantized and cleaned up for scoreboard play. Errors in several songs were corrected.

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CHG: Loop timer will no longer start in practice mode until you hit a note. Them take advantage of the fix, even on something like Windows XP. Should also be able to filter bank select messages out more efficiently. Both from being available while running on the primary display. CHG: Updated the main program icon for Synthesia and the config tool.

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Just the most recently matched You Play channel. Channel for each track" option introduced in 0. FIX: Hide software keyboard key/note labels when "You Play" no tracks. FIX: Very long note blocks would incorrectly appear in specific, rare cases. FIX: Folder names with periods now display correctly in the song library.

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FIX: Try to catch another class of "Error document empty" problems. NEW: Movable 'Do Re Mi' key and note labels. Key signature instead of always showing sharps. Double flats (bb) and double sharps (x). NEW: Added support for lighted keyboards. Otherwise, mirrors behavior of spark effect. Use the new configuration tool start menu shortcut. NEW: Added --bookmark-count command line argument. NEW: Advanced option to disable MIDI device "hard resets".

NEW: Stats are shown for the previous few loops on top of current/best. NEW: Button to enter loop editing mode to make it more discoverable. NEW: Loop score is now shown in rhythm mode (similar to practice loop stats).

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